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Aloha, and welcome to our halau hula (hula school)!

Here, you can learn about Hawaiian hula dance and find out what our halau has been up to.

Our halau, Halau Hula Ka Makani Hali 'Ala O Puna ("The Returning Fragrant Wind of Puna") has been participating locally in Hawaiian cultural ceremonies and sacred rituals for over 20 years. Our mission is to support and encourage the growth and perpetuation of traditional Hawaiian culture through Pono (Hawaiian protocol), pa'a (strong/secure/right) education in Hula (Hawaiian Dance), na Oli (Hawaiian Chants), and in the participation in ancient ceremonies and rituals.

By doing so, we hope to expose the world to the beauty and majesty of Hawaiian culture and be a guiding light in traditional hula - promoting its practice as a spiritual discipline.


Our Guiding Principles

  1. To educate students nationally and internationally in various aspects of hula including hula kahiko (ancient hula dance), oli (chant), and ho'opa'a (accompaniment), regalia, protocol, Hawaiian language and culture.

  2. To share Hawai'ian culture with others worldwide.

  3. To internationally represent Hawai'i in cultural events and sacred ceremonies.

  4. To maintain pono (high standards and discipline) within the art and practice of hula to increase the mana (life force energy) of the halau (school) and of the individual haumana (student).

If Interested in joining the Halau Hula

Please contact our kumu hula (teacher of hula):

Halau Hula Ka Makani Hali 'Ala O Puna

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