Halau Hula Ka Makani Hali 'Ala O Puna

y name is Ehulani Stephany,

I am Kumu Hula (teacher of hula),

Ali'i Kahuna Nui(high priestess).

The name of my Halau(school) is;

Halau Hula Ka Makani Hali 'Ala O Puna,

which means;

"The Returning Fragrant Wind of Puna"

I have been teaching hula since 1991, and was blessed to studied under 14 different kumu hula, and numerous Hawaiian practioners,

and na kahuna nui(high priest's). I developed my own style of hula by combining the styles, mana'o(thoughts), information, traditions, and protocol of all my na kumu(teachers). Sharing the rich and deep learning of the Hawaiian culture,

along with the feeling of the true ALOHA SPIRIT.








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Where My Spirit Guides Us (amazing photo's)

"Walking in the Footsteps of our Ancestors" Tour

The halau is invited to participate in a very special event in Aotearoa.  ( www.handsaroundtheworld.com.au).  We are being asked to travel with the Maori Star Basket Elders, Celtic Elders, Cherokee Elders, and Aboriginal Cultural Leaders from several different tribes of Australia, as they visit Sacred Sites and Places in Australia to uplift vibrational energies for global healing and international peace.  This fundraising campaign is to allow hula halau representatives to join in this very special cultural ceremony:  Kumu Ehulani Stephany, and two ceremonial hula dancers.  We are planning to join the tour in November and requesting funding as soon as possible.  The funds will cover air-fare from Hawai`i to Aotearoa and back, food, lodging, and ground and ferry transportation as we participate in "Walking in the Footsteps of our Ancestors" Tour.